Crowne Plaza Vientiane

Top 5 Event Catering Providers in Vientiane

Top 5 Event Caterers in Vientiane

Vientiane residents are surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful and revered French-colonial architecture. Lots of event organizers and party planners like to make use of these stunning homes, buildings and gardens to stage corporate functions, weddings, family celebrations, and private parties. But providing food and refreshments at these gatherings is often problematic. They rarely have kitchens that can adequately provide for hundreds of guests, nor enough refrigeration facilities and prep areas to provide for the safe and hygienic handling of food. The issue of hygiene is just one of the many problems that event organizers face when using these beautiful buildings as venues for events. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. A steadily growing number of Vientiane-based companies that specialize in off-site catering are appearing on the contact lists of event organizers across the city. These caterers offer excellent, professional food and beverage services for any event, at any venue in the city. They'll work with you to customize a menu and make your occasion unique and memorable. We've compiled a list of some of the best catering services in the city, so you'll never have to worry about finding high-quality refreshments for your Vientiane events.

Crowne Plaza Vientiane

The name Crowne Plaza is well-known by most of the city’s residents, but did you know that this famous hotel also provides off-site catering? They have a first-class service that provides customized catering boxes for any event. Just tell them what your event is all about and they’ll provide decorative catering boxes that are made to order, containing food and beverage items that are perfectly matched to your event. They are excellent at catering for last-minute events as they require just 24-hour’s notice to work their magic. With prices starting at only 50,000 Kip per person, they provide an affordable catering service that will raise the level of any event.

Patu Xay Café Catering

Patu Xay Café Catering offers a hands-on service that works with you to provide rental equipment, staff, flowers, and decorations, in addition to their food and beverage services. They provide a culinary team and a catering event manager that will be at your disposal to see to all your event’s needs. Their sister business, the Patu Xay Café, specializes in freshly-prepared French and international cuisine and their catering menu features the foods offered in the café as well. Their team specializes in making your event vision a reality.

Kitchen Vibe Bistro

Kitchen Vibe Bistro occupies the second floor of Salana Boutique Hotel, so as you might imagine, their chefs have a lot of experience in catering to events, seminars and conferences. If you're having trouble choosing the right venue, they can also help you find a suitable venue. They will then create the right menu and design presentations to highlight the food and drink on offer. They specialize in western food but offer a superbly-prepared range of Asian-fusion dishes as well, so they're sure to satisfy all your guest’s needs.

Annabelle 2 Restaurant

Annabelle 2 Restaurant Café Bakery specializes in freshly-baked goods. They offer a menu of western and Lao dishes that are prepared using only the freshest ingredients. They also provide an off-site catering service offering everything on their menu, and more. So, if you’re planning a breakfast meeting, luncheon or late afternoon tea, they will be the perfect caterers to provide refreshments for the event. Breakfast dishes require a certain type of skill, so you’ll want to hire a caterer that specializes in not only breakfast foods, but also off-site preparation and presentation as well. Annabelle 2 Restaurant will more than fit the bill.

Khop Chai Deu

One of the most experienced caterers in Vientiane, Khop Chai Deu, specializes in catering for large events with their delicious range of Lao dishes. They boast over 20 years of experience catering everything from intimate private weddings to official embassy parties of 2,000 guests, if you’re nervous about providing food for a large event, Khop Chai Deu will take your worries away. They offer a complete service, providing all tableware, linen and staff for setting up before, and cleaning up after the event. Khop Chai Deu specializes in serving the larger events in the city, and as such, they only cater events of 50 guests or more.


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