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5 Best Restaurants in Vientiane

5 Best Restaurants in Vientiane

5 Best Restaurants in Vientiane, Laos

Content: When putting together this list of fine restaurants in Vientiane, our aim was to provide you with a variety of restaurants that present high-quality food, with quality décor and service to deliver a memorable dining experience. The restaurants reflect the wide variety of cuisine available in Vientiane which will appeal to diners who look forward to trying the best restaurants a city has to offer. Reservations are recommended at all of these restaurants as they are popular with the residents of Vientiane too. Look to this list for places to enjoy with close friends or that special someone, or to celebrate a special occasion surrounded by the best food and drink, service, and atmosphere in the city.

Villa Opera

Villa Opera has a special place in the hearts of Italian food-lovers in Vientiane. This restaurant has been operating in the same French colonial house near the city’s waterfront for years, dating back to 1930. Inside, the décor is modern and airy and the friendly staff welcome you to the restaurant filled with the hearty aromas of fresh, quality Italian dishes. The owner and host, Pino, is proud to point out that all the pasta at Villa Opera is freshly prepared on the premises. He, or one of his staff, will be happy to guide you through the menu and recommend some of the house specialties like the ravioli with tomato and cream sauce or the Pizza Laos made with cheese, chilis, tomatoes, and Lao sausage. With its extensive wine cellar, Villa Opera offers a unique and authentic evening for both tourists and local residents.

L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay

This is one of the finest French restaurants in Vientiane and one of the few restaurants we’ve found in the city with a tasting menu. Their dishes are carefully chosen and prepared to create a carefully choreographed, enchanting evening of food and service. The restaurant features French classics such as a whole duck breast, tuna tartare and a special cassoulet. They also have a three-course set menu that changes daily and includes a soup or salad, an entrée, and a dessert. Connoisseurs of French food in Vientiane are regular customers of L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay so we recommend making a reservation on your next visit to the city.

That Dam Wine House

This restaurant overlooks the ancient black stupa in the center of Vientiane, providing a picturesque view at night when spotlights illuminate the stupa. Get a table out on the terrace to enjoy an evening of fine wine, exquisite food, attentive service and an unforgettable atmosphere. That Dam Wine House has one of the most expansive collections of international wines in Vientiane and offers a menu of both Lao and European dishes that is geared towards wine pairings. Alongside Lao-style fried rice or a spicy red curry, you might find duck breast with orange sauce or succulent lamb tenderloin. The menu is curated to bring out the best of the wines they offer, making for an utterly unique dining experience that you’re sure to enjoy.

Kualao Restaurant

A visit to Kualao Restaurant is as much a cultural Lao experience as anything else. The restaurant is situated in an ancient French-colonial villa that has been impeccably restored to its original glory. An evening at Kualao Restaurant is the perfect choice for tourists visiting Laos for the first time who want to experience the best of the Lao culture and cuisine. Their cuisine is the product of the most experienced Lao chefs using the freshest ingredients to create exquisite, traditional dishes. Go with a group and order several dishes to share to enjoy a variety of flavors and experience the full scope of Lao cuisine. Once you’ve ordered, sit back and enjoy an evening of elegant Lao music and dance performances. With the combination of the colonial surroundings, exquisite variety of Lao dishes and Lao cultural performances, you will come away from Kualao Restaurant both impressed and eager to visit again.

3 Merchants

On the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza Vientiane hotel is 3 Merchants, a restaurant quite unlike any other restaurant in Vientiane or Southeast Asia, for that matter. 3 Merchants has developed its cuisine based on the flavors, textures and spices of Indochina. The countries of Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all play a role in the cuisine, as well as the décor and ambiance of this wonderful restaurant. This is one of the only other restaurants in the city with a tasting menu. Experience the depth and variety of the region's cuisine and what the talented chefs at 3 Merchants have done with their influences. We highly recommend the tasting menu at 3 Merchants to anyone who appreciates the wealth of flavors that this part of the world has to offer. The tasting menu includes eight courses of perfectly prepared twists on traditional Indochinese dishes. They use the freshest imported ingredients alongside locally sourced produce and ingredients, and the definitive spices and flavors of the region. This tasting menu is one of the top dining experiences in Vientiane. The restaurant also offers an a la carte menu which includes the finest meats, chicken and fish, plus the chef’s unique interpretation of those traditional Lao dishes. Pair any of these dishes with wine from their extensive cellar and enjoy the most memorable dining experience in the city. Vientiane offers a host of restaurants that offer not only quality food, but a superlative dining experience as well. These restaurants have captured the elusive magic that well-prepared cuisine, impeccable decor and exemplary service add to an evening of fine dining.