Crowne Plaza Vientiane

Great Attractions Around Vientiane

Great Attractions Around Vientiane

Top Things to do in Vientiane – Laos’ Charming Capital

Looking to stop in Laos during your SE Asia trip? The underrated city of Vientiane is known for its laid back atmosphere, French architecture, and gilded Buddhist temples. Vientiane has a lot to offer tourists and visitors, whether it’s the untouched nature, beautiful architecture, or its growing cafe and restaurant scene. Situated on a curve of the gorgeous Mekong River, Vientiane makes for a chill, navigable city that’s sure to surprise visitors with its wide range of attractions. Those who visit Vientiane will notice its small-town charm, filled with cute and quirky shops that its big neighboring cities can’t replicate. Be sure to check out our top things to do in Vientiane below for a unique and unforgettable experience in Laos’ capital.

Visit the Lao Disabled Women’s Centre

This inspiring non-profit organization provides support and vocational training for disabled women all around Laos. Disabled women in Laos are among the most vulnerable group of people in Laos, and the centre was founded by women who seek to empower and help other disabled women. You’ll be shown a video that introduces you to the history and humble beginnings of the centre. After, the women will take you on a tour of the facilities.The warmth and friendliness of the women make this tour a memorable one. The centre includes many homemade handicrafts and all proceeds go toward the sustainability of the centre. You’ll most likely see women weaving intricate silk fabrics and patterns, transforming them into beautiful skirts that you can purchase from directly. You’ll also notice women making traditional Lao pottery charcoal stoves which are still prevalent in many Lao homes. Other accessories and homemade gifts include paper products, heat mats, cards, jewelry made from recycled paper. An authentic Lao lunch is provided and you will get the opportunity to learn how to make local handicrafts with the locals. The Lao Disabled Women’s Centre is a unique place that teaches you more about the local Lao community and the wonderful work they are doing.

Take a Stroll on The Walking Street

Situated behind the Vientiane New World Shopping Center, the walking street is one of the top things to do in Vientiane. The charming road comes alive during the evening, making it the perfect night stroll, especially if you’re a foodie. The walking street is right next to Chao Anouvong Park and is dotted with authentic restaurants, bars, delicious, and affordable street food stalls everywhere. We recommend going on an empty stomach as you’ll want to try all the local amazing street foods upon arrival. You can pretty much find everything at the walking street; handicrafts, international cuisines, clothes, and there’s even a skating rink nearby. The Walking Street is a vibrant but not overwhelming place to enjoy street eats and makes for an excellent people-watching spot.

Chase the Tad Moun Waterfall

Just outside of Vientiane lies untouched, scenic hiking trails and an abundance of nature. Tad Moun waterfall is the nearest waterfall to the city centre, making it an effortless and wonderful place to visit during the summer days. It’s a popular spot for locals to have summer picnics during the weekend. Those looking for more adventure can rent a bike and cycle around the green region. The falls are more akin to gentle rapids, so you can enjoy the day cooling off and floating on the water. There are also small trails if you’re more interested in hiking, and there are thatch huts available for you to set up a nice picnic date. Ice cream and local Beer Lao are also available for purchase onsite. There are lots of things to do near Vientiane, and Tad Moun Waterfall is a fantastic way to get some nature time without having to go far. Travel through the Lao countryside authentically and pass through the rice paddy fields, muddy trails, and unique rock formations on a bike for the most refreshing sightseeing experience.

Cruise down the Nam Ngum Reservoir

Only an hour and a half from Vientiane, the Nam Ngum Reservoir makes for a lovely day trip if you’re planning to stay in Vientiane for a few days. If you’re a fan of road trips, you’ll love the route to the reservoir as it’s very scenic and relaxing. You can easily take a cruise down the reservoir and enjoy a nice authentic lunch with soft drinks and local beer. There are a few small islands nearby, and you’ll most likely get to stop on one for a few exquisite panoramic photos of the reservoir. If you seek a delightful, relaxing adventure with minimal costs and effort, be sure to check out the Nam Ngum Reservoir as it’s one of the most laid-back things to do just outside of Vientiane!

Complete your Journey at Crowne Plaza Vientiane

After a long day of sightseeing and being out in the sun, there’s nothing more comforting than to complete your journey at our lovely hotel at the Crowne Plaza Vientiane. Recharge by our pool with a craft cocktail in hand, or for total relaxation, book a wonderful spa session at our award-winning Senses Spa, located on the third floor of the Crowne Plaza Vientiane.


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