Crowne Plaza Vientiane

Meet Crowne Plaza Vientiane's Pastry Chef

At Crowne Plaza Vientiane we want you to have an amazing foodie experience whenever you visit. To ensure that you can experience incredible desserts and pastries we now have a master pâtissier working with us. Jeremie Muller has always been passionate about food. As a Michelin trained chef, he knows that, by focusing on every aspect of the dish, you can achieve greatness. Jeremie joined Crowne Plaza earlier this year and is bringing this enthusiasm and attention to detail to the pastries, cakes and desserts. Now you will have the opportunity to try some of this Michelin starred greatness, both at the hotel, and at the new Elephant Lounge Express.

Having started his career in France, working for some of the best chefs in the world, he soon realized that desserts were where his true passion lay and he was soon put in charge of the desserts at the restaurant where he had started his career. When they received their first Michelin Star it was Jeremie who was responsible for the desserts, and soon after this he came fourth across the whole of France in the national competition to find the top young gastronomic chefs. A real achievement in a country that prides itself on the high quality of its cuisine. This in turn led on to jobs in some of the top restaurants in the country, where he received training from some of the world’s best pâtisserie chefs, including Christophe Michalak who was recognised in 2005 as the world’s premier pastry chef in the World Pastry Cup.

By now he knew that he had found his true passion and had worked for several Michelin starred restaurants. He knew it was time to expand his horizons, and so when a friend suggested moving to Laos, he jumped at the opportunity. At Gaspard Artisan Cuisine in Luang Prabang he was able to showcase his amazing desserts before joining the team at Crowne Plaza, Vientiane.

He has made an immediate impact at Crowne Plaza. He believes in using only high quality natural ingredients to make delicious sweet treats that he is excited to share with you. He will be showcasing these skills in the cakes, pastries and desserts that you will find throughout the hotel, as well as at Elephant Lounge Express. We are delighted that such a highly skilled pâtissier, with such a rich background has now joined our team.